DUI Memorial Marker Application
Please complete and return the application to:

Will County Division of Transportation
16841 W. Laraway Road
Joliet, Illinois 60433 

If you have any questions, please contact the Will County Division of Transportation at (815) 727-8476. 

Roadside Memorials

Roadside Memorial Program

DUI Memorial Marker 
The Roadside Memorial Program is intended to raise public awareness of impaired driving by emphasizing the dangers while affording families an opportunity to remember the victims of crashes involving impaired drivers.

A DUI Memorial Marker consists of a DUI Memorial Sign and any Commemorative Plaque(s).  The DUI Memorial Sign is 36-inches wide by 24-inches tall with the words “Please Don’t Drink and Drive” in white lettering on a blue background.  It may be supplemented by one or more 36-inch wide by 18-inch tall Commemorative Plaques mounted underneath with the legend “IN MEMORY OF (Name)” and the date of the crash.  A separate Commemorative Plaque will be used for each victim.  The lettering on both the sign and the plaque(s) is white on a blue background.

A one-time fee of $150 for each DUI Memorial Sign installed and $50 for each Commemorative Plaque installed will be charged to offset the cost of this program.  The fees will be billed at the time the application is approved by the Department and are not to be submitted until specifically requested. Once the fee is paid for a DUI Memorial Sign or Commemorative Plaques and they are installed, they will be maintained for a 2-year period without any additional cost, at which time they will be removed and the plaque(s) given to the applicant(s).