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Resource Recovery and Energy Division
58 East Clinton Street, Suite 100
Joliet, IL 60432
815-727-8834 (phone)
815-722-3410 (fax)


The Resource Recovery and Energy Division, formally the Waste Services Division, is committed to helping Will County residents and businesses reduce waste and energy usage. This is being done by encouraging recycling, reuse, alternative energy, conservation and assuring proper disposal of the remaining waste.

The initial Waste Services Division was created in 1988 to provide for the planning of future disposal of Will County waste. Also in 1988, Will County entered into a delegation agreement with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) to enforce land disposal provisions of the Environmental Protection Act, and to provide inspections of non-hazardous waste sites. Recently, the Resource Recovery & Energy Division has begun to focus on promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, and manages the renewable energy contract at the County’s Landfill.

The Resource Recovery and Energy Division has six primary areas of responsibility:

  1. Education of the general public on proper waste disposal and recycling (school education programs, seminars, literature, and special events, etc).
  2. Providing alternate disposal and recycling options through collection events and recycling facility development (tire, household hazardous waste, consumer electronics, and book collection events).
  3. Providing long and short term solid waste and energy planning (i.e., Solid Waste Plan Update, Long Term Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan, Will County Landfill & Renewable Energy development, and permanent recycling locations). 
  4. Inspecting and enforcing environmental regulations and applicable permits at non-hazardous waste sites through a delegation agreement with the IEPA.
  5. Promoting and educating the public and county employees on energy efficiency and conservation practices.
  6. Creating partnerships for promoting and enhancing renewable energy.

Will County Green

The www.willcountygreen.com website was launched on November 15, 2010, as part of the educational efforts of the Will County Energy Efficiency Strategy with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. The mission of this website is to make information available to residents of all ages, businesses, and community groups. This information provides techniques to reduce energy consumption and provides examples of numerous ways anyone can do more to green their lives.

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